Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The loveliest duo, red and blue-o.

Look at that.  Just LOOK at it.  
What a cute couple.  Red/light blue has to be my favorite color combination in the whole world.
I've always been drawn to the drama and impact of a vibrant red, but also to the ethereal innocence of pale blues.  But TOGETHER?
Together they are unstoppable.  
It's like chocolate covered pretzels, or salted caramels.  Sweet, but with a bite (and dangerously addictive...).  I also love how nostalgic and almost retro they look together.  It's even better when you throw a litle bit of pale beige or ivory in there.  Reminds me a little of old, cross-processed photographs...

...Or of red balloons floating around in the sky.

I seriously can't get enough of these colors together.  The other day I was pawing through my dresser looking for a particular shirt, and couldn't help but notice a distressing (but purdy) pattern emerging.

This is far from all of it.  I have a pair of red Converse high tops that I absentmindedly threaded with light blue laces, among many other matchy things.  

See that?  I love it, and it scares me to death.  It's not just clothes either.  I've been picking out paint chips for my room.  Guess what?  Red and blue.  I could bombard you with other examples like how my favorite beach towel is red and powder blue, or how I bought a tin of tea because the packaging was an attractive combination of crimson and turquoise, or how my ipod is red with blue headphones, but I will spare you the monotony.  Seriously, I could go on about this forever.
Also, you should know that I am very enthusiastic about ANY particularly pretty, interesting or vibrant color.  Color is one of the first things I notice when I see a picture, walk into a room, or even when I look at a person.  But this is different.  This is not just enthusiasm.
INFATUATION! (I wanted to say SPARTA there, but I didn't because that would just ruin the mood.)
I'm kind of afraid that one day my whole life will have a color scheme and I'll be too darn happy and color-obsessed to care.  Oh well.  Life is too short to worry about stuff like that, right?
I've got to go make a cup of tea in my favorite red and blue mug, but y'all come back now, ya hear?
See you later. :)


  1. I really like those colors with light gray too!

  2. "I'm kind of afraid that one day my whole life will have a color scheme and I'll be too darn happy and color-obsessed to care. "
    That's a good thing in my book!
    I really wish you a happy, colorful life :)