Monday, October 24, 2011


So I'm in this weird, euphoric state of shock right now, and I've got like a billion of the most beautiful songs stuck in my head all at once.
This Saturday (the 22nd) I had the most AMAZING opportunity to go see the absolutely marvelous and ridiculously talented Andrew Bird live at The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware.  There are SO many things I want to say about it, but the the thing that sums is up best is:


Words can't even express how brilliant and just perfect that show was.  First of all, the venue was just gorgeous.  The concert was held in The Grand Opera House, which has all these amazing rainbow lights illuminating the front of the building.

Imagine this except with more colors (I guess it isn't lit like that all the time).  The theatre inside was huge with lots of ornate gold things and Sistine Chapel-esque paintings on the ceilings and walls.
I live in Maryland, so it was a bit of a drive to get to Wilmington, but it was so worth it.

The Bird-ster

AAH!  I don't even know where to begin.  The whole thing was very surreal, like that small period of time when you're between being awake and asleep except with the most BEAUTIFUL music you have ever heard in your entire life.  I didn't even think it was possible for me to appreciate Andrew Bird's music any more, but then I got to see him play.  I mean, gosh, I knew he was talented, but watching him put together all these songs with a loop pedal and a few instruments was just incredible.  My mind has been blown.  His violin was gorgeous, the vocals were penetrating, and the whistling was just unbelievable as always. One time I decided that I was going to learn to whistle like Andrew Bird, but that was before I found out I can only whistle like two notes.  -__-

The Dosh-ster
The opening artist was Martin Dosh, who played some very cool, atmospheric, instrumental music.  He also used a loop pedal, as well as a drum set, keyboard, other small noise-making gadgets, and what looked like a mixer.  Martin came back about halfway through Andrew's set so they could play together.  It really boggles the mind to watch a whole song being built from just two people playing layers and layers of sound over each other.
One of the best parts of the show was watching (or rather hearing) the crowd's reaction whenever he started playing one of his more popular songs, like Effigy, The Naming of Things, Why?, and A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left.  I practically jumped out of my seat when he played Plasticities and Tables and Chairs, which are my two favorite songs of his.  His instrumental song "Carrion Suite" (from Useless Creatures) also made an appearance.  I hadn't heard it before, but it was fricken heartbreaking.  I got the album as soon as I came home.  He also played a lot of new songs that are going to be on his upcoming album, which gets released (I think) early next year.  CAN'T WAIT.

There was a big billboard thingy outside the Opera House with this picture on it.
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  I'm sorry if I keep jumping from topic to topic and if this doesn't really make any sense, I'm just excited.  BUT LIKE OH MY GOD.  It's such a treat to see him live.  Like, really, "treat" isn't even a strong enough word.  One of the things I love is that he doesn't play his songs exactly as they are on his albums.  I don't know whether it's improv or if he practices different versions of the same song, but either way it's brilliant.  I'm so curious what his thought process is, and how he comes up with the things he does.  Even when he performs, it's like he's off in his own world, but he executes everything so perfectly and artistically.
One thing I'm really upset about is that I didn't bring a camera.  I left mine at home because I wasn't sure if I would be able to bring it in, but then the announcer said that pictures were absolutely allowed, and then I died a little inside.  So that's why I don't have pictures for you, I'm sorry!  Thank goodness for google images.

So yeah, I had an awesome time.  I got home early Sunday morning after spending the night at my friend's house and promptly put on the vinyl copy of The Mysterious Production Of Eggs that I bought at the merch table, which has been playing over and over since I got home.  O.o
I'm waiting to see if the concert pops up on youtube somewhere, perhaps someone filmed it.  If I find it, I'll post up the links.  It was an AMAZING concert, if you're a fellow Bird fan but haven't had the opportunity to see him live, I suggest you get to it right away.
Also I have to thank my friends who bought my ticket and gave me a ride to the show as a birthday present, so guys, if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU.  Like seriously, I can't thank you enough.  I had an awesome time, and I'm sure it wouldn't have been even half the same without you two there with me. <3

Darn it, I feel like I have so much more to say, but I can't even put it into words.  That's how awesome it was.  Anyways, I'll just leave it at that since, if I write more, you'll just end up sitting here for hours reading this long, boring senseless babble about how ridiculously cool Andrew Bird is (seriously, he is).
For now, go check him out on youtube.

Have fun. :)

P.S.  I hate to be one of those sorry-I-don't-post-more bloggers, but really, sorry. :P  I took a little break from posting when school started, but now that I'm back on my feet, I really miss it.  Hope to see you back soon!


  1. Yeah-hah! It's been a while and I just got back here to read this. AWESOMEPOSSUMILOVEYOUTOO! Also, GIVE ME USELESS CREATURES!!!!!!!! I kind of need it. Crucial to my survival and all that. And to wrap up, WE'RE SEEING HIM AGAIN OHMYCRAZYANTSPANTS!!!!!!!!! Or whatever.

  2. Also, why could the not play their show? Because it was baroque.
    Say it out loud.
    Yes. (Get it? Baroque? Broke?)

  3. JUDY!! I totally missed this, and I don't know why. I just burned Useless Creatures to a disk for you, remind me to give it to you next time I see you. You still owe me the Norman soundtrack that you got. I am freaking PSYCHED for the May show, can't wait!!!! I love you... <3