Thursday, December 8, 2011

Modcloth Make the Cut Competition!

Hi people!  Exciting news!

How many of you have heard about the Make the Cut Contest that Modcloth is hosting in cooperation with Velvet Brigade?  For those of you who are unfamiliar (like me two weeks ago), Velvet Brigade routinely hosts contests where independent and upcoming designers can submit their sketches, which are then voted on by the public.  The winning designs are produced by Velvet Brigade, and the respective designer receives 5% of the profits from the marketed designs, and their own copy of the garment.  Recently, Velvet Brigade has joined Modcloth to bring us the Make the Cut Contest.  You can read about all the details here!  I saw this page about a week before the deadline, took a look at my notebook full of fashion doodles and thought "hey, why not?"  So anyways, a trash can full of crumpled papers and many cups of paint-y water later, guess what!  I'm a finalist!!  These are the three sketches I submitted:

#1 and #3 are the ones that were chosen.  You might recognize the first dress, because I've already made it for myself...  
I had a really, really fun time with these, partly because the whole Modcloth aesthetic is pretty much the same as mine.  Fashion design isn't really something I have much experience with, so I think it was good for me to try something fun and different for a change.  
I really wish that I actually had the technical sewing prowess to make the yellow dress, though.  But hey, maybe (maybe!) if I win, and they end up making a mess of them to sell, I'll snag one up for myself.  I think I might just whip me up that romper, though.
You'll see the finalists' designs on Modcloth's facebook fanpage at noon on December 12th!  Be sure to check it out and vote for your favorites!  I'm really looking forward to seeing all the other designs, it's like an episode of Project Runway (yes, I admit it, I watch that...)!  Even if I don't win, this was SUCH a fun opportunity!  I love all the community based activities that Modcloth does, and I hope that they continue to host things like this!  

Anyways, check it out on facebook, vote, have fun!
See you all soon. :)