Friday, July 20, 2012

Long Time No See!


How are you?  It's been a while.  I'm doing well.  Really, really, really well.  I have had a pretty amazing year.  I'm applying to colleges in the fall and have been working on my art portfolio all summer, so I'm a little tired, but I am fantastically happy with the state of things right now.  Everything is great.
Happy 2012!  I don't think I've actually posted anything since like December or something.  I got distracted with other things and decided to put the blog on the back burner, but now I miss it.  Right now I'm painting a still life I've set up with some broken glass and a marble and watching 28 Days Later on my computer while I type this.  You know, I really do like zombie movies.  Zombie anything, I guess.  For the most part I'm not a big horror/gore person, but for whatever reason zombie/post apocalypse is one of my favorite genres.  I watched an interesting indie short film (can't remember what it's called, sorry) the other day about this very young couple trying to escape their city in the midst of a zombie outbreak.  I liked it because it didn't focus as much on the graphic elements that may be expected in a zombie flick (less blood and guts), and something about the lack of dialogue and the way it was shot made it seem so tragically romantic.  I wish I could find it again.
It's kind of nice to write without direction, isn't it?
Oh my goodness, I am so happy right now.  Lovin' life.  I've got a few friends coming over today and I think I hear them in the driveway, so I'd better go.  I'll be back in a little bit, see you all soon. :)


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