Saturday, December 1, 2012



So I know I said I was going to start a sew-a-long like, a month ago or something.  It's coming, I promise.  I'm still trying to find some fabric to use--I have a lot of woven fabrics and chiffons and such in my stash, but only one piece of jersey that's way too small to make a dress with.  My local Joann Fabric's is being silly.  I found the blue fabric for the last dress in the clearance section, but have since been unable to find something with a similar weight and drape.  Weird.  So there's that, anyways.
I've been super busy applying to colleges this fall.  The most stressful thing has been trying to put together portfolios for each school, but I think I'm finally almost finished!  'Tis excite.  Maybe soon I'll have some time to go fabric hunting.  In the mean time, here are some paintings.

Please don't look at the grapes.  I hate those grapes.

Some pears and stuff on the floor.

Some wax paper, an egg, a cup, and a tiny goose.
As you can see, I've discovered I like square canvases

D'as mah big sister and I in the photograph.
 That was a long time ago though, we're a little taller now.

Some broken glass.  The bottle was suspiciously hard to break.
I found the blue glass outside next to the road, and the marble is just a marble.

Oops, not a painting.
This is my staircase, it's red in real life.

See you later. :)

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