Friday, October 26, 2012

Surprise, and a project!

Hi everyone,

So have any of you guys heard of Modcloth's stylish surprise sale?  For $15, customers select their size and get a super-secret-exciting mystery item, be it a skirt, top, dress or coat.  Items can be of retail value anywhere from $30-ish to $250-ish.  The sale apparently happens a few times a year (but sells out fast), but I just found out about it a few days ago and was super excited.  I just got an email with my shipping notification, so I'll have another post up about that when my package gets here. :D

On another note:  I don't know if anyone here is an avid sewer or frequents BurdaStyle, but I've posted a up a few of my projects, including this dress from last summer.  Recently I've gotten a few requests for instructions on how to make it, so I decided that I'm going to post a sew-along!  It's not a difficult dress to sew, and I've been planning to remake it now that I've gotten a little better at sewing.  I would have changed a few things when making the dress the first time, so I'm going to be making the new one a little differently than I did before (mostly small changes).  I'm busy this semester and will be sewing in increments, so every week or so I'll have a new post up moving a little further along in the process.  I won't be able to start until I actually have some fabric to sew with, so today I'll start with a supply list.

You will need:
- an old t-shirt that fits you well (you'll be cutting this up to make a pattern)
- about 3 yards (more or less depending on your size) of knit fabric.  I used a single knit jersey, but anything stretchy will work.
- about 1/2 yard contrasting fabric for the collar and pockets.  I used some scraps of cotton quilting fabric, but anything woven will do.
- matching thread
- one small button of your choice
-OPTIONAL: scrap of contrasting fabric, if you would like to make your own belt.

The fun thing about this dress is that it's easy to alter, since you won't really be using a pattern.  You can very easily shorten it into a top, change the sleeves, neckline yoke or collar.  Jersey is a pretty forgiving fabric, so pretty much anything goes.
If you decide to make a dress and have questions or input (like better ideas or techniques!), feel free to post them in the comments. :)
Happy gathering, see you soon.